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Precise information to make informed decisions about Cutting & Core Drilling.

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Structural Surveys

structural surveys

Accurate Information for Engineers & Project Managers.

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Thermographic Inspections

thermographic inspections

Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement.

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Do passive electronic detection surveys locate power and data in slabs?
A - On occasion they can, but primarily electrical circuits and especially data & other low voltage circuits need to be electronically traced (using the transmitter, not just the receiver)
We come across many projects where clients have had locators in to survey the areas, only to rely on a passive electronic detection survey to identify insitu services. This is an unreliable at best for conduit location and completely unsafe. A combination of concrete Imaging (GPR) and electronic detection is usually needed.

Can you locate instu conduits (in slabs) with GPR?
A – In an ideal slab, yes you can. Over the last 15 years, Contour Scanning Technologies has performed large amounts testing and research on various projects and also on our own calibration slabs set up, so we can test each antenna with various types and sizes of cables at varying depths (including blank / redundant conduits).
These calibration slabs are also used as part of our Quality Management System for the training of our technicians. Although at times it is necessary to electronically trace electrical and data circuits, with our experience, we are able to locate more insitu conduits using concrete Imaging than any other scanning company, saving you time and money....

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