Welcome to Contourscan

Contourscan specialises in performing Concrete Scanning before Cutting & Core Drilling and Concrete Structural Surveys using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR / Concrete X-Ray / Concrete Imaging) and Electronic Detection Techniques to detect ;

  • Services inside Concrete  (Power, Lighting & Data Circuits / Emergency Speakers & Fire Control Circuits including swipe card readers, electronic door locks and Co2 monitor circuits)
  • Structural Components inside Concrete  (Structural Reinforcement, Post Tension Cables & Structural Beams)
  • Voids and services for slabs, walls and floors

The Director of Contourscan is a qualified NDT Technician specialising in Industrial Radiography and High Frequency Impulse Radar Methods (Concrete Scanning) with over 20 years experience involving Concrete Testing and Inspection

We specialise in providing services to the Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Mid North Coast regions such as;

  • Concrete Inspections before Cutting and Core Drilling
  • Thermographic Testing of AFS & Dincel Walls Systems for Voids and Honeycombing
  • Sonic Echo Pile Testing
  • Concrete Structural Surveys, including breakout & verification work
  • Laboratory Analysis of Samples for Structural Surveys
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Core Drilling Services

Specialising in all New Commercial Construction Projects, including Tenancy Fit-outs for existing Shopping Centres, High Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Universities and alike.